Parang 2017 Roster

Sunday 3rd Sept.Tortuga RC Church (Bazaar)
Friday 27th Oct.Guaracara Sports Club7pm - 9:30pm
Saturday 4th Nov.Southern Elegance Parang Cruise 
4pm - 7pm
Sunday 5th Nov.Country Club, P.O.S
Saturday 18th Nov.Circular Rd, San Fernando
Saturday 25th Nov. Pool side Party, San Fernando
Friday 1st Dec.Library Corner c/o Junio Regrello
Saturday 9th Dec.
JTA Carlton Centre, San Fernando 
3pm - 4pm
Sunday 10th Dec.Lourdes House, Arouca4pm - 6pm
Friday 15th Dec.

JTA Marabella

MovieTowne, Port of Spain

3pm - 4pm


Saturday 16th Dec.
JTA Cross Crossing, San Fernando
3pm - 4pm
Saturday 23rd Dec. 
C3 Center, Corinth
3pm - 4pm
Saturday 30th Dec.  
Private Function

The rhythmic pulsating moods of Trinbagonian flavour. Dinamicos!

Look out for us at your favourite liming spots.

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